Where Greek-Italian tradition leads to innovation: the ATOMOS story

In 2010 while on a trip to Crete, Stefano and Maria, Co-Founders of ATOMOS, Maria’s grandmother invited them to join her and a few women from the village to the destemming of sultanina – a local grape variety that is used for high patisserie. There something remarkable was happening: Stefano and Maria noticed the distinctive way by which the women were using their three fingers to destem sultanina: the destemming was very precise and meticulous.

That was it: when the couple returned to Italy, the ATOMOS’ unique Three-Finger Destemming was passionately brought into life.

Meet Giovanni Basso, ATOMOS’ Oenologist & Orazio D’Angelo, ATOMOS’ Vine Master Pruner & Grafting.

Giovanni is a multi-award winner Italian winemaker, expert on limited, high-quality wine production, prone to low environmental impact and organic farming. He shares ATOMOS’ passion for producing excellent wine in strictly limited quantities.

Highly-skilled on vine grafting and pruning, Orazio is an expert in all kinds of vines from the Italian peninsula and also in achieving great vine longevity. He is also a specialist in pruning with respect to the lymphatic fluid dynamics. He is constantly being sought-after from the best vineyards all over Italy.

Excellence born from an astonishing biodiversity.

ATOMOS originates from Abruzzo, one of the most blessed and fertile regions of Italy. Ranging from the Adriatic coastline to the highest peaks of the famed Apennines, Abruzzo embraces an astonishing biodiversity.

The first wine in the world destemmed by ATOMOS’ unique Three-Finger process.

Each and every berry, one by one, is being meticulously destemmed using our three fingers only and without any mechanical means. Through this time-consuming process only the best berries are being selected. It is due to their purity that the few hundred ATOMOS bottles which are being produced per year are meant to last over 30 years.

This is why ATOMOS in ancient Greek means “the ultimate element”; this is what we stand for in ATOMOS: a wine of ultimate quality.

ATOMOS Wine production is conducted in respect with the new specifications of organic vine growing.

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