Atomos Wine on Elite Traveler

We report Alex Martin’s review of our Atomos wine, published on p. 34 of Elite Traveler magazine, Spring 2021.

Unless you are a wine expert, it can be difficult to differentiate a $1,000 bottle of wine from a $10 bottle. They all look the same. AtomosWines is changing that. Its striking 1L bottle, presented in a handsewn Alcantara pouch, is sheer luxury, and the liquid inside is just as special. Awardwinning winemaker Giovanni Basso sources the finest vines in Bucchianico and Navelli in Italy, and manually destems every single grape to ensure they have the perfect properties for vinification. The patentpending process is arduously slow and results in far lower yields, but the result is a wine that is richer, more complex and more exclusive than anything else in this price bracket.

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