Stepping out of the Supermarket

We report Rupert Upshon ‘s review  (BBC-Radio) of our Atomos wine, published on Ginger Wine blog, March 2021.

Deep ruby in colour, it has a really intense aroma of blackcurrant and dark cherry with a just a hint of oak. Flavours included black cherry, raisin and dried fruit and the tannins were really smooth. The standout quality of this wine though is how well balanced it is. It is full bodied and has lots of flavour, alcohol (14.5%), and acidity but in equal measure so that neither element over powers the other.

And the experience of opening, decanting, pouring, smelling and drinking this wine was a fantastic one. It did feel luxurious and special, which is what the company are aiming for. And experience is everything when drinking wine.

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