Atomos Luxury Rediscovered

A new review by Tony Harris on Winefullness Magazine from the UK.This time it was our Atomos White Wine‘s turn.

Plus Tony Harris interviewed us to learn more about our manufacturing processes.

In the last edition of Winefullness Magazine I looked at the wines of Atomos, and what I found made me want to know more.

Not only was I intrigued by their three-finger process, their stylish bottles and luxurious approach to business, the red wine I tried was so good that I felt as though I’d discovered a hidden gem, because without a great product; the bottles, the process, the olive oil and the packaging are a waste of time. Thankfully, the wines more than hold their own.

This wine is 100% pure Trebbiano and destemmed according to Atomos’ ‘Three-Finger’ process that some might sneer about, but judging by the red wine I tasted I’ll buy into it. The colour lies somewhere between gold, coffee and caramel and is quite a beautiful thing to behold. The nose is pronounced at over thirty centimetres and to say my expectations are building is an understatement because this wine is promising so much and I pause to continue with this.

When I actually gently sniff the wine in the glass (there’s no need for anything strong here) I’m rewarded with an infusion of toffee, perfumed flowers and an earthy touch of terroir. It’s so enchanting that I want to stop there, but on I must go. The taste is stone fruit (peach) citrus hanging from the trees, green fruit that is beautifully aromatic and rolling meadows. I thought that their red was something else, but their white has so much going on and the long finish is giving me such a satisfying minerality.

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