Innovative process of destemming offers ultimate wine quality

We are proud to report the review of our product on prestigious British magazine The Times.

It is a fact, although little-known to foodies and wine afficionados, that contamination caused from flawed berries might occur during the berry selection, a phenomenon that would most likely affect the wine’s healthy aspects and sensory attributes.
Atomos Wine from Abruzzo, Italy, uses an innovative three-finger process to destem and then select only the finest berries.
Each and every berry that goes into Atomos Wine is meticulously destemmed by their personnel, using three fingers only, and without any mechanical means.
A few hundred bottles are produced per year, and due to their acidity and tannins, they are meant to last over 30 years.
Each of the grapes are meticulously selected, one by one, and undivided, creating a ‘multidirectional’ flavour that every wine lover would surely appreciate.


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